Xiaomi Xiaoda Instant hot water Faucet pro

Xiaomi Xiaoda Instant hot water Faucet pro
AED 210.00
In stock
Rated Voltage 220Vac
Rated Power 3000W
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Waterproof RatingIPX4
Rated Pressure -OMPa
Working Pressure-0.06-0.6MPa
Function: Bathroom Sink Faucets,Kitchen Faucet,Others,Shower Faucet
Feature: Centerset,Widespread
Style: Art Deco,Contemporary

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1. Hot and cold water, worry-free in all seasons. There is no need to change the pipeline, and through easy assembly, and ordinary faucet can be upgraded to an instant hot water faucet. The cold water and warm water can be switched at will.

2. It can be heated immediately after use, and it doesn't take long to wait for water. Smartda adopts high-quality stainless steel heating tube heating method, which is not easy to rust and scale, and has a long service life.

3. Single handle heating and cooling adjustment, fast and convenient. Just gently rotate the handle of the body, you can precisely control the water flow heating and cooling switch, and the cold and hot water can be switched freely, so that the water will not be frozens in winter.

4. 30-50°C can be adjusted as you like, with visible temperature changes. Say goodbye to the traditional uncontrollable mode of instant hot water faucet temperature, Smartda designed the hot water temperature to be adjustable, 30-50°C water temperature can be adjusted, and equipped with the body LED temperature display, let you clearly know the outlet water temperature, which is more convenient to use.

5.304 food contact grade stainless steel heating tube. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no patina, durable, safer and healthier.

6. Separation of water and electricity provides more protection for safety. Innovative water and electricity separation technology, which completely isolates the current and the water flow, prevents the current from being charged, and protects the water safety for you and your family.

7. IPX4 level safety and waterproof, the fuselage is escorted in all directions. IPX4 level of protection, 360-degree effective waterproof, not afraid of splashing, effectively avoiding safety hazards.

8. Physical discharge wall protection, leakage switch protection, anti-burning protection, high temperature protection and anti-overvoltage protection are five layers of protection to guard the family’s safety front.

9. Start with water, saving energy and electricity. No water, no electricity, just use it as you want, no need to worry about electricity consumption.

10. Integrated design, simple and beautiful. Simple design style, suitable for various home improvement scenes.
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